Property development reporting by Greenwood ConsultingTree assessment and reporting is frequently required as a part of town planning applications for property development and should be undertaken were tree preservation is required within infrastructure projects.
All Greenwood Consulting P/L development reporting is generally in accordance with AS 4970 2009 Preservation of trees on development sites and the following services are based on this standard.
Property development reporting should ideally include both site trees and trees located on adjoining properties that might be affected by the proposed development.
We provide the following reports as a part of our property development reporting services:

Site Overview Assessment

Site overview assessment is undertaken prior to property purchase to identify the constraints to development that existing trees might create.

Preliminary Assessment

The Preliminary Assessment is generally undertaken prior to project design and is intended to identify the trees on and adjacent to the site and to provide the base information for effective decision making in the design process.

A complete data set is provided for all assessed trees and each tree is categorised in terms of retention value to the site.

Construction Impact Assessment

A Construction Impact Assessment involves the analysis of a proposed design in terms of impact on the site trees.
Where specific trees are intended to be retained alterations to the design or construction methods might be recommended to ensure the successful retention of these trees.
Consultation between the client, designer and arborist may be required to resolve difficult design issues in relation to high value trees.

Tree Management Reporting

Tree management reporting is often required to guide the development construction process in the vicinity of retained trees on and adjacent to the site.
This reporting specifies tree protection and preservation actions during and following the construction process.

Construction Supervision

Supervision of construction activities may be required in the area of high value trees to ensure that root damage is limited to an acceptable minimum.
Construction supervision if often specified in tree management reporting.

Post Development Certification

Post development certification documents and certifies the tree protection actions throughout the construction process.